Morse Code Converter

To use the converter, simply type your text into the input field on the left side of the tool. The corresponding Morse code will automatically appear in the other input field on the right side. To decode Morse code back to text, simply type the Morse code into the right-side input field and the corresponding text will appear in the left-side input field.
No, the tool is designed to automatically convert text to and from Morse code in real-time as you type. There are no customization options available.
Yes, the converter is free to use for personal or commercial purposes.
There are no limitations to the converter. You can use it to convert as much text as you like.
The converter should accurately encode and decode text to and from Morse code as long as you enter the text or Morse code correctly. If you are having trouble with the tool, please double-check your input to ensure it is correct.
Yes, you are welcome to use the converter for commercial purposes.
Yes, the converter is designed to be fully mobile-friendly and should work on all devices with a modern web browser.
If you are experiencing any issues or problems with the Text to Morse Code converter, please double-check your input to ensure it is correct. If the problem persists, try clearing your web browser's cache and cookies, or try accessing the tool on a different device or web browser. If you are still having trouble, please contact us for further assistance.